Iron Man’s Mark VII Open Armor By Hot Toys!

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After his near-death experience and life altering glimpse into space while battling the Chitauri alongside the AvengersTony Stark is plagued by nightmares. While meeting young fans with James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes, he begins to feel unwell and fears he is having a heart attack. Stepping into the Mark VII suit to run a diagnostic check on himself, he discovers that he is actually experiencing an anxiety attack.

Inspired by this pivotal scene from Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 3, Hot Toys has created the stunning Iron Man Mark VII (Open Armor Version) 1/6 scale collectible. This piece celebrates the Mark VII armor which was a big leap forward in Stark’s technology, with an integrated arc reactor, upgraded weapons and a more portable design.

The Iron Man Mark VII (Open Armor Version) 1/6 scale collectible has highly detailed diecast armor with adjustable and articulated pieces for more posing options. The armor has multiple LED light up features, which also illuminate the detailed inner workings.

The screen-accurate armor is painted in Iron Man’s iconic red and gold colorway and includes weathered details. Also included is Tony Starks’ workshop diorama which has light up LED features and makes a wonderful integrated display.

This exciting collectible also allows for two different display options. The light up features on the Mark VII standing armor can be powered by a USB cable or the armor can be connected to the diorama and powered directly through the base. 

Add the Iron Man Mark VII (Open Armor Version) 1/6 scale collectible by Hot Toys to your armory today! Available to pre-order from Sideshow.




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