Warner Bros. Discovery Cancelled ‘Young Justice’!

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*Sigh*, it was only a matter of time until this news was going to surface. If you had your hopes up for a season 5 of Young Justice, like I was, then it’s time to flush it down the drain. Reports has confirmed that Warner Bros. Discovery cancelled Young Justice.

From Collider, here’s what their article reported:

Warner Bros. Discovery’s current restructuring of their DC properties will reportedly lead to the cancelling of Young Justice, as the animated series is not expected to return for a fifth season. An insider report from TV Line underlines HBO Max had only ordered a single season of the beloved animated show, Young Justice: Phantoms, and plans haven’t changed since June’s season finale.

The world is an unfair place, though, as Young Justice might not return. With everything the series faced in the last decade, some fans could still be hopeful that HBO Max is only taking its time before announcing the fifth season. However, the streaming platform is currently going through a wave of canceling as Warner Bros. Discovery tries to cut down costs during their merging. The IP most affected by the changes is DC, with projects such as Batgirl being shelved just months before release and after $90 million were already spent in production. So, if HBO Max doesn’t have plans for Season 5 of Young Justice, it seems unlikely the series will get a renewal amidst the turmoil.

Who knows? Maybe Young Justice will find a way to return just like when it did for season 3. I love the series, and it’s easily one of the greatest comic book shows I’ve ever seen. Warner Bros. Discovery needs to figure something out because a lot of the company’s decisions has been ridiculous.



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