‘Wars of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius’ Celebrates 2.5 Year Anniversary!

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SQUARE ENIX® invites players to a month-long celebration in WAR OF THE VISIONS™ FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS®, which brings special missions and login bonuses, as well as collaborations with the widely beloved FINAL FANTASY XIII and fan-favorite FINAL FANTASY TACTICS. In addition, special campaigns will be held into commemorate the hit-mobile tactical RPG’s 2.5 year anniversary.
Players can look forward to celebratory content this month in WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS, including:

  • Special Anniversary Campaign Missions – A special, limited-time Milestone has been released which rewards players with Visiore based on the Visiore they spend. Players will also get triple the number of Fragments of Thought of all elements as rewards for undertaking daily missions during the anniversary campaign.
  • Free Summons – To thank players for their support over the last two and a half years, players can perform 10 Guaranteed Free Summons once a day. Up to 10 of these will be available over the next month, for a total of 100 possible summons.
  •  Social Media & More Campaign – A Social Campaign will also be held across social media platforms for the global version. Players will receive in-game prizes depending on the number of total followers gained on the official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube during the campaign period. For more details, please visit the official social media sites.
  • FINAL FANTASY XIII Collaboration Login Bonuses – Beginning today, players will receive the Hope (UR) unit and the Alexander’s Chosen Vision Card (UR) for free when they log in during the FINAL FANTASY XIII collaboration period.
    • Hope –Limit Burst: Last Resort: Raises own MAG for 3 turns, then deals 3 hits of large Damage to targets within range based on his MAG stat.
  • “Alexander’s Chosen” Vision Card – Provides a boost to Magic Attack and Area Attack Resistance for Light units only. In the global version, Hope receives a MAG boost and, at max level, an extra turn for buffs and debuffs he applies.
Hope (UR)Alexander’s Chosen Vision Card (UR)
  • FINAL FANTASY XIII Collaboration Units and Vision Cards – Players can also keep on the lookout for new Lightning (UR) and Snow (UR) units, as well as Odin’s Chosen (UR) and Shiva’s Chosen (UR) Vision Cards, to enhance their party.
    • Lightning –Limit Burst: Army of One: Raises own Slash Attack Res. Piercing Rate for 3 turns, deals 3 hits of large Damage to the target and then also lowers their Lightning Res for 3 turns.
  • “Odin’s Chosen” Vision Card – Grants Accuracy and ATK Up for Lightning-type units only. In the Global version, and for Lightning herself only, it also boosts Critical Damage and Critical Hit Rate.
Lightning (UR)“Odin’s Chosen” Vision Card (UR)
  • Snow –Limit Burst: Sovereign Fist Deals large Damage to targets within range and has a chance of inflicting Stun for 1 turn.
  • “Shiva’s Chosen” Vision Card – Provides a boost to HP and Unit Attack Resistance for Ice units only. For Snow only, global players will also see boosts in Healing Power and Area Attack Resistance.
Snow (UR)“Shiva’s Chosen” Vision Card (UR)
  • The Return of the FINAL FANTASY TACTICS Collaboration – Players who log in during the FINAL FANTASY TACTICS collaboration period (00:00, 9/28/2022 to 23:59, 11/1/2022 PST) will receive the Gaffgarion unit and the “Blades of Grass” Vision Card for free.
  • FINAL FANTASY TACTICS Units and Vision Cards – Fan-favorite characters make their way into the game as powerful units, such as Ramza, Orlandeau, Delita and more, as well as the “Scion of House Beoulve” and “Red Chocobo” Vision Cards!
“Scion of House Beoulve”
Vision Card
“Red Chocobo” Vision Card“Blades of Grass” Vision Card

WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is available now as a free download with in-app purchases through the App Store®, Google Play™ and Amazon App Store. Text is supported in English, French, German, Spanish, Korean and Traditional Chinese, while voiceovers are supported in English and Japanese. For more information, please visit: https://wotvffbe.com/.

For the latest assets, please visit the press site at press.na.square-enix.com.

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