‘One Piece Film Red’ Review – A Fantastic Musical Experience!

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Thanks to Crunchyroll, I was able to watch one of my anticipated films of the year, One Piece Film Red! Was it everything I wanted after watching the movie? Well, I guess you’ll see after reading the review. Obviously, no spoilers of course because there’s a lot of good stuff that happens in this movie.

One Piece Film Red follows the Straw Hats going to one of the biggest concerts in the world to see Uta. Uta is a beloved singer who has whose voice is said to be so incredible that it sounds otherworldy, and she has been hiding her real identity when performing, until now. With the fans, navy and pirates watching the concert, the story kickoffs with the huge revelation that she’s the daughter of Shanks. How the story unfolds is an exciting rollercoaster ride.

I love how well written the story was for One Piece Film Red, and it’s my second favorite film in the One Piece franchise. The film has many twists and turns, and even heart string tugging moments. Music plays a huge role throughout the story, and as someone who wasn’t too sold on the music being the focus for the movie, it worked. Another thing, watch the tie-in episodes because it makes the experience even more satisfying.

The main focus of characters of in the movie is Uta, Shanks, and Luffy. We do have cool moments from other characters when it comes to the side plot but don’t expect anything else. And going back to Uta, I enjoyed her so much I hope she actually appears in the main story in the anime and manga (yes she appeared in one panel as a silhouette but I want more). Also, Shanks actually does stuff in the movie, so you know damn well watching this movie is a must.

I watched One Piece Film Red both subbed and dubbed. The cast on both ends did amazing! I actually started my journey of One Piece dubbed so when I watched the film it was great hearing their voices again, especially now since I just been watching it in Japanese. When it comes to the the new comer Uta, I really enjoyed the performance of AmaLee and Kaori Nazuka, they knocked it out the planet. Again, great job from both versions of the film.

I enjoyed the music in the film, as mentioned before. The score throughout was fantastic. The singing voice of Uta is Ado, and she killed it. Literally after watching the movie I went on my music streaming service to have the soundtrack saved because how much I enjoyed it. Yeah, it that’s good.

I thought the animation was fine, which I’ve said when I first saw the trailer for the film. When the film was first announced I was almost expecting like an updated One PieceStampede kind of animation, but it’s alright . One Piece Film Red is still a good looking movie just had certain expectations. I will say that it goes bonkers (in a good way) when it goes to a music number, and the third act looked amazing.

One Piece Film Red is an amazing movie. A well written movie, great score, cool animation, just an overall awesome film. One Piece fans are going to have a hell of a time watching the movie like I have. I’m seeing the movie again in theaters because it’s a must for me.

I highly recommend One Piece Film Red.



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