‘Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons’ Review – One Of The Best DC Animated FIlms I’v Seen!

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You read the title, so it’s very straight forward. I really enjoyed the new DC animated film from WBHE, Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons! This film just does a lot of things that just worked, and as someone who is familiar with the Super Sons comic series, it knocked it out the park. The rest of the review will be spoiler-free because it’s worth the experience.

Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons kickoff with Johnathan Kent discovering that he has powers and finding out his dad is Superman, which pushes him straight into the world of Super Heroes and Villains. Jonathan meets Damian Wayne, Batman’s son and the current Robin, but the meeting doesn’t last long because earth is under attack by Starro! Robin & the new Superboy must team up together to to stop Starro and save their fathers before it’s too late, and thus the Super Sons are born.

Jeremy Adams has been killing it when it comes to the writing for the animated films over at WBHE. The story was just great overall! Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons has wholesome moments, fun comedic timing, solid character development, and more.

I enjoyed the direction they went with the film. We’ve had a lot of DC animated films, which I’ve enjoyed, but this one felt like a fresh of breath air. I’m down for a sequel and see another adventure of the Super Sons in the future.

I enjoyed the casting of the movie. It took a bit of getting used to of hearing  Jack Dylan Glazer as Johnathan Kent, but as it played out it worked. Jack Griffo also did great as Damian Wayne, and I enjoyed how great the dynamic was between the two Jacks. Troy Baker as Batman and Travis Willingham as Superman were both incredible as well! The cast throughout the film were really good.

I was already sold on the animation and character designs from the first trailer alone. The 3D cel shading style just looked good, and I enjoyed how it looked during the action scenes as well. Sometimes I’m very picky on 3D animation since it sometimes looks off and janky, but that’s not the case here. I wouldn’t mind seeing this kind of animation in other projects.

The score and sound design of the film was awesome as well. Things like going to new locations, during the actions scenes, and conversations, it all just meshes well. As a fan of sound quality in my media, this was it.

Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons is a fun ride all around. This is a nice direction that I would like to see more of down the line. If you’re a Super Sons fan, then this film is worth, but if you’re not, then it will make you a fan.

I recommend Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons.



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