New Issue Revealed For ‘Home Free’ By John Kratky and Michelle Lodge!

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Indie comic book creators John Kratky and Michelle Lodge have debuted the latest issue to their action/noir series, Home Free, on Kickstarter. 

Sara’s journey south to Mexico continues, and while she always expected to go at it alone, Emmy’s sudden departure has the world feeling a little more empty, and a little more dangerous. 

Finally out of Oregon, she arrives at a spot just outside of Reno, NV on a lonely strip of desert amongst the sagebrush and the open night sky to dig up a treasure she buried long ago. While there shouldn’t be another soul for miles around, this is Sara we’re talking about, and trouble will find its way to her.

Home Free is a sequel to The Black Wall, a webcomic that was published between the 2014 – 2019 by Kratky and Lodge. While it matters that The Black Wall happened, first time readers will be able to jump straight in to Home Free and not miss a beat with the first three issues up for grabs. 

What the critics are saying:

“What we have here is a story about how we let our pasts define us, inner strength, and freedom.”
– Benjamin Dean (BMDNERD), The Point of Clicking

“Sara and Emmy are extremely compelling characters that work wonderfully well together. Their dialogue is emotional while still managing to be witty and fun. Sara’s immediately drawn to Emmy because of their similar circumstances. It’s amazing seeing how quick she is to offer Emmy help. Meanwhile, Emmy is incredibly complex and sympathetic. She’s just a teenager, which makes the subject matter even more heartbreaking.”
– Kayleigh Clark, A Place to Hang Your Cape

Home Free has just hit over 38% of its Kickstarter goal and is available to pre-order at the following link:



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