David Zaslav Said The DCU WIll Follow The Marvel Formula!

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One of the best thing David Zaslav has done is making James Gunn & Peter Safra the co-ceos of DC Studios. In a recent interview, Zaslav talks about the roadmap that’s being made for the DCU. It seems there’s going to be a lot tighter than we thought.

Here are his comments from Deadline:

“ A hugely undervalued asset. Disney did a wonderful job with Marvel. But if you looked at Marvel and DC ten years ago, you would have said DC is as good or better. But Marvel is a connected universe. It has a ‘bible.’ The key was having one person following everything. All of Marvel is one place. You don’t wake up and find that there has been a Batman TV show someplace.”

“DC is one of the biggest opportunities this company. Our company is a creative company and so we found two great guys.” Filmmaker James Gunn and producer Peter Safra started as studio co-chairs this month. “You will see a lot of growth around DC. We haven’t done a Superman movie in 13 years.” The idea is “to drive the hell out of DC, which is what they are going to do.” Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is coming in 2023.

David Zaslav, even though he’s axing things over at the company with no remorse, I’ll give him kudos regarding the direction of the DCU. He does really want DC Studios to thrive, and plus it’ll bring in lots of money which I’m sure he’s looking forward to. I guess we’ll see how things will go in the future.



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