‘Cobra Kai’ Final Season Announcement Trailer & Statement

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One of my favorite series, Cobra Kai, will be ending with season 6, and now I’m sad. The official account released a statement regarding the series ending, and we also got a new trailer. Damn, all I feel is eternal pain.

Here’s the statement and the trailer below:

Cobra Kai is nostalgia done right. The show honors the previous films while bringing up the new generation. Also, easily one of the best fight choreographies on screen, easily, for both tv and film. I’ll be waiting to see how the series wraps up and I hope it’s a great ending.

Another thing, I hope this show isn’t ending because of Sony’s upcoming Karate Kid film. I don’t even feel like that film is needed, and it’s obviously coming back of the success of Cobra Kai. Again, eternal pain is all I feel.



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