Iron Spider Premium Format Figure Revealed

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Inspired by the Iron Spider Armor in Marvel Comics’ celebrated Civil War storyline, the Iron Spider Premium Format™ Figure presents Spider-Man leaping into action, wearing his custom-crafted Stark Tech suit.

The Iron Spider Premium Format Figure is fully sculpted and features a gravity-defying design thanks to the physics-minded inventors Peter Parker and Tony Stark (and Sideshow’s own artists, of course!).

Painted in a dazzling, metallic red and gold Stark-inspired color scheme, the Iron Spider Suit has three large, highly detailed mechanical arms to support Spider-Man’s acrobatic heroics. The dramatic base features rubble and jagged rock overlaid with a spider web design.

The attention-grabbing Iron Spider Premium Format Figure is sure to be a centerpiece in any fan’s collection.

Upgrade your web of Spidey statues and bring home the Iron Spider Premium Format Figure today! Available to pre-order from Sideshow.


Inspired by her iconic ’90s era appearance, the Storm Premium Format™ Figure is an essential piece for any Marvel collection. Measuring 23″ tall, this mixed media piece features a carefully tailored cape in shimmering, silvery white fabric with gold trim, plus a wired hem for dynamic posing. Available now from Sideshow.

The Captain America Premium Format™ Figure is fully sculpted to capture the Star-Spangled Avenger’s classic comic book appearance in a three-dimensional collectible format. Measuring 21” tall, the powerful piece portrays Steve Rogers as he barrels down the battlefield, fending off enemy fire with his iconic shield in this dynamic action pose. Available now from Sideshow.

The Carnage Premium Format™ Figure is inspired by the character’s iconic Marvel Comics appearance. Measuring 21”, the piece depicts Cletus Kasady as he breaks free of his prison cell at Ravencroft Institute. The sociopathic symbiote has a massive scythe arm at the ready, while glossy black tendrils of the alien substance form additional clawed weapons around him. Available now from Sideshow.



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