‘Legion of Super-Heroes’ Review – A great Supergirl Story

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Thanks to the lovely people over at WBHE, I was provided a copy for Legion of Super-Heroes, and damn, what a good film. I always enjoy watch these new DC Universe Movie, and this is definitely one of my favorites. I do have about one nitpick, but I’ll save it for later in the review, so enjoy!

Legion of Super-Heroes is follows the story of Supergirl, who is struggling adjusting to her new life on earth. While Supergirl starts to feel like she doesn’t belong, Superman gives her some advice, and one she wasn’t expecting. Superman takes Supergirl to the 31st century and suggest staying at Legion Academy to help hone her skills. At the Academy, she makes new friends and enemies, while also trying to uncover a mysterious group called the Dark Circle.

Right off the bat, Legion of Super-Heroes is really good from start to finish! What I love about the film is how well written Supergirl was and seeing her growth, just solid character developement. Also, the character interactions, especially with Brainiac 5 was great. There was even some twists in the film that caught me off guard because I was not expecting it, especially if you stay for the post credit scene.

Now my nitpick, even though this is called Legion of Super-Heroes, I think they should’ve called it a Supergirl movie. A lot of the main focus was mostly on Supergirl and Brainiac 5, so I would have like a bit more Legion in the film involvement in the film. Plus, I’m a long time fan of the Legion and even own the Flight Ring, which should tell you enough about my love for the ream. It doesn’t ruin the story of course, but that’s my only con regarding the story.

We don’t get enough Supergirl stories in media, not including comics, but this is easily one of the best stories I’ve seen of the character. The film just nails it right from the beginning and everything just worked. I know A lot of the new DC Universe films don’t get a sequel, other than The Long Halloween, but I would love a sequel or something involving from Supergirl and the Legion.

As always with these films, the cast was great. The complete highlight for me was Meg Donnelly as Supergirl and Harry Shum Jr. as Brainiac 5. The chemistry between the two was fantastic and super natural. And going back to Meg, she was casted amazingly for Supergirl because I was hooked on the voice instantly. And I have to give some kudos to Jensen Ackles as Batman, even though he wasn’t in the film long, he has definitely perfected the voice of the character…and should be the new live-action Batman in the DCU (hey, might as well).

The team behind the animation has really found their bread and butter. The films are noticeably getting better and better with each film that drops, and I think Legion of Super-Heroes is definitely one of the best looking films from the bunch. From the movements, coloring, and designs, the film just looks good.

I also thought the film’s cinematography was good as well. The landscapes and buildings, especially during the action scenes, were nice to look at. My favorite two scenes was the fight against Grundy and a scene towards the final act in the film. Again, good looking film.

The score for Legion of Super-Heroes was good too. The music just flows throughout the film. Even my favorite part was when Superman came out and you hear his score. A good sounding movie overall.

I have not been disappointed at all from any of the new DC Universe films, and the same goes for Legion of Super-Heroes. It’s a well made movie, and a nice take on a Supergirl story. I’m just still surprised that there’s no series that takes place within this universe because after this film, it just solidified that I just want more. Legion of Super-Heroes is easily one of my favorite DC animated films.

I recommend watching Legion of Super-Heroes!



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