Kevin Feige Confirms Thaddeus Ross Is The President In ‘Captain America: New World Order’

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Kevin recently did an interview with EW, and he gave A LOT of juicy details. One of the details he shared was that Thaddeus Ross will is the President of the United States, and more. I was looking forward to this movie before, but now my hype has escalated!

Here’s the full comment:

We start filming relatively soon. I’m sure anyone you’ve ever talked with about Harrison Ford says this, but it’s unbelievable that we get to meet and talk with him and that he’s embracing this role. He’s tireless with the amount of work that he does. This is certainly a big part for Thaddeus Ross. He’s the president of the United States in the film. And with Harrison, you think about Air Force One, and you think about some of his confrontations with the president in Clear and Present Danger. There’s a dynamic between President Ross and Sam Wilson. They have a history together, but in this film, we’ll be seeing the dynamic between Captain America and the president of the United States in a way that is just incredible.

This has been a dream for years, ever since Jon Favreau cast Harrison Ford in Cowboys and Aliens. I was always very jealous of that, so to have him finally in the MCU is just incredible. It’s like, I can cross that off the wishlist.

The confrontation between Ross and Captain America is going to be so good! I know the rumors has been swirling that the film could involve the Celestial that came out from earth, and it can be very true. I have a lot of faith in the film and I can’t wait to see more details in the future.

Captain America: New World Order  is set to release in 2024!



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