‘Creed 3’ Review – An Instant Knockout!

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I watched one of my anticipated films of the year, Creed 3, and I was not disappointed at all. With this being Michael B. Jordan’s directorial debut and no Sylvester Stallone in sight, there’s a lot to live up to. It’s safe to say, MBJ got the job done.

After Adonis Creed has done it all and went into retirement, it seems like he can finally enjoy all his glory, but life had other plans. Adonis’ childhood friend Damian has returned after being locked up for 18 years, and he wants the life that was taken from him. Both Adonis and Damian will face off, which is more than just a fight. With Adonis’ future on the line, how will he beat a man with nothing to lose?

Creed 3 was a very well made story. With Adonis already being on top of the world and having a childhood friend Damian being the underdog antagonist, it was a nice buildup and a satisfying conclusion.

What I love is seeing the character developments and growth you see from Adonis, and the same for Damian. Also, it it was a smart move to make Damian a morally grey character because Adonis is one of the big reasons he ended up in jail, which halted his dreams of going pro. Again, very well made story.

And as a fan of the Rocky franchise, I can honestly say that this film didn’t need Rocky and his send off in Creed 2 was perfect for his character. The maturity and growth of Adonis in this film is enough to show that he can be someone’s Rocky, which means coaching the next generational talent. The film does kind of teases who it could be and I’m down to see it go that route if MBJ has more stories.

I loved the cast in Creed 3. Michael B. Jordan has upped his game playing Adonis Creed, and it crazy to see him playing this role since 2015 because you can see how far he has come as an actor and now director. Tessa Thompson is still great as Bianca, and the chemistry between her and MBJ is amazing. Also, I see a bright future for Mila Davis-Kent, who plays Amara Creed, she’s going to be an amazing talent for sure. Phylicia Rashad as Mary Anne Creed was so good, and loved loved her performance for her emotional scene that had people cry in the theater.

Johnathan Majors is just too talented of an actor. Casting him as Damian was a perfect choice because he was killing it every-time he was on the screen. His chemistry with MBJ was off the roof. If there’s a way to bring back Johnathan Majors to play Damian again, then I’m fully behind it.

Creed 3 was a nicely shot film! The cinematography throughout looked good, especially during the fight scenes. This film has some really great fight choreography, and as an anime fan you can see some inspiration from other series. Adonis versus Damian is definitely one of my favorite fights in the Rocky franchise, and I want to see how they can elevate this in another film or even series if they pull that trigger. What I would have loved to see is one continuous shot for a fight like what they did in the first Creed, but maybe next time.

The soundtrack is a 10 out of 10. Getting Dreamville to do the film’s soundtrack was a genius move because every song was a damn banger. I’ve listened to the album everyday since it dropped. Creed 3‘s soundtrack is my second favorite film soundtrack of all time, it’s so good. Also, it always hits when I get to hear Rocky’s theme when it matters.

Creed 3 helped solidified to me that the Creed franchise has the perfect trilogy. This film does everything right in my eyes, and big props to MBJ knocking it out the park with this being his directorial debut. I hope we get at least two more Creed films, especially when this has amazing reviews and officially being the most successful sports film at the box-office of all time. Never a dull moment when watching a Creed movie.

I highly recommend watching Creed 3!



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