Crunchyroll teams with Walmart to launch instore Fan Shops!

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Get ready to level up your holiday wishlist! Crunchyroll®, the ultimate anime destination for global fans, has teamed up with Walmart to launch the Crunchyroll Fan Shop in over 2,400 Walmart stores nationwide. Through the new partnership, the Crunchyroll Fan Shop is designed to delight both anime enthusiasts and the anime-curious with a treasure trove of exclusive and popular anime merchandise and items from fan-favorite series, including Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball Z, My Hero Academia, Akira, and more.  Products featured in the Crunchyroll Fan Shop will be continually refreshed throughout 2024. 

“Crunchyroll’s availability at Walmart will make anime more accessible than ever, inviting even more fans into this dynamic and exciting world,” said Mitchel Berger, SVP, Global Commerce, Crunchyroll. “This launch reinforces our commitment to spreading the love of anime to an even wider audience, and we can’t wait to see the joy it brings to fans this holiday season.”

The Crunchyroll Fan Shop features 16 home video products, including 10 Walmart exclusives and manga, vinyl, and other items. Debuting at the Crunchyroll Fan Shop, Crunchyroll is introducing physical subscription cards to allow fans to sign up for 1-month, 3-month, or 12-months of the popular streaming service, making it the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone wanting to enjoy the world’s largest dedicated anime streaming library and access to new simulcast series at the speed of Japan. Subscription gift cards do not require a credit card for purchase.

Head to the Crunchyroll Fan Shop to grab your exclusive Walmart Blu-Ray Collections, including: 

  • Dragon Ball Z – Seasons 1-3 on Blu-Ray
  • Dragon Ball Z – Seasons 4-6 on Blu-Ray
  • Dragon Ball Z – Seasons 7-9 on Blu-Ray
  • Dragon Ball Super – Parts 1-2 on Blu-Ray
  • Dragon Ball Super – Parts  3-4 on Blu-Ray
  • Dragon Ball Super – Parts  5-6 on Blu-Ray  
  • Dragon Ball Super – Parts  7-8 on Blu-Ray
  • Dragon Ball Super – Parts  9-10 on Blu-Ray 
  • My Hero Academia – Seasons 1-2 on Blu-Ray
  • My Hero Academia – Seasons  3-4 on Blu-Ray

And don’t miss a great selection of your favorite anime merchandise and collectibles, including: 

  • Attack on Titan: Attack on Titan 1 (Series #1) (Paperback)
  • Attack On Titan, Volume 34 (Paperback)
  • Fire Force: Fire Force 1 (Series #1) 
  • Fire Force: Fire Force 2 (Series #2) 
  • Toilet-bound Hanako-kun: Toilet-bound Hanako-kun, Vol. 17 (Series #17)
  • Toilet-bound Hanako-kun: Toilet-bound Hanako-kun, Vol. 18 (Series #18)
  • Blue Lock: Blue Lock 1 (Series #1) (Paperback)
  • Blue Lock 7
  • Demon Slayer Statues
  • Anime Plush
  • Naruto S.H. Figurarts 
  • Dragonball Z S.H. Figurarts
  • Dragonball Z Banpresto Figures
  • Dragonball Z Ramen Bowl
  • Naruto Ramen Bowl
  • Jujutsu Kaisen Maxx Yume Capsules
  • Kanno Yugo – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – Vinyl
  • Bleach Original Soundtrack – Vinyl

About Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll connects anime and manga fans across 200+ countries and territories with the content and experiences they love. In addition to free ad-supported and subscription premium content, Crunchyroll serves the anime community across events, theatrical, games, consumer products, collectibles, and manga publishing.

Anime fans have access to one of the largest collections of licensed anime through Crunchyroll and translated in multiple languages for viewers worldwide. Viewers can also access simulcasts — top series available immediately after Japanese broadcast. 

The Crunchyroll streaming app is available on over 15 platforms, including all gaming consoles.

Crunchyroll, LLC is an independently operated joint venture between U.S.-based Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Japan’s Aniplex, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc., both subsidiaries of Tokyo-based Sony Group Corporation. 



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