Nia DaCosta Adresses Variety’s Drama Fueled Marvel Article

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In case you missed the drama a few days ago, Variety released an article talking about Marvel Studios is in shambles, and Nia DaCosta (director for The Marvels) caught a random stray. In the article, they reported that DaCosta wasn’t involved in the postproduction of The Marvels and was working on another film. Well, Nia DaCosta has addressed the issue in a recent interview with Jake’s Takes, and here’s what she had to say:

I think there’s just a lot of energy and criticism around Marvel anyway, so I’m not surprised, but for me personally, it was literally just that they moved the date of the film four different times. And so, instead of it being a two year process, which I was deeply committed to, it became a three-and-a-half year process.

They knew the entire time that I had an obligation—a green-lit movie with people who were waiting for me. And I pushed that and then I pushed it again and then I pushed it again. Eventually, we all knew that if [The Marvels] pushes again, I’m not going to be in LA to do the rest of this in person.

I honestly believe it was crazy for Variety to randomly throw DaCosta under the bus for something that is actually common in Hollywood. Also, the article wasn’t giving her a good look because people online were calling her “unprofessional” and other silly things that people complain about on social media. Marvel Studios/Disney does have their problems, but this was just so out of the blue.

I hope The Marvels gets its praise and Nia DaCosta kills her next upcoming project as well.



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