Dogpool Will Make Its Debut In ‘Deadpool 3’

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With the SAG-AFTRA strike finally ending, Ryan Reyonalds has revealed some PEAK information. Ryan has announced that Dogpool will be in Deadpool 3! Also, she’s a cute one fore sure.

Here’s Ryan’s post:

Here’s also a summary about Dogpool from Marvel:

After being confronted by the Contemplator to gather a team of future reality Deadpools to save the universe form a menace that would destroy everything in existence.Deadpool(Wade Wilson, Earth-616) traveled to Earth-103173, a reality where scientists Von Braun and Eigor conducted the Mascara-X Project, a process similar to theWeapon Xprogram of Earth-616, on a dog by the name of Wilson in the hopes to create a new process for the Babelline Cosmetic company that would give it customers eternal youth. Believed dead, the scientist discarded the dog’s body, but it was discovered by performers of a local circus who exploited the dog’s power giving him the name “Deadpool, the Daredevil Dog,” until Deadpool (Earth-616) recruited him to become a member of theDeadpool Corps

It’s going to be interesting to see how Dogpool will be involved with Deadpool 3. From what we’ve heard is that the plot will have to find prime versions of themselves, so Deadpool fighting other versions of himself makes sense, and probably just keep Dogpool around. All I know is that this movie is going to be amazing as hell.



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