‘Loki’ Season 2 Review-This Should Be The Standard For The MCU

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Loki season 2, what a fantastic series it was! I don’t know how Loki has the two best MCU series so far because it’s insane. Just everything about this show is too good, from top to bottom, and I don’t think Marvel Studios will top this series. Yes, I gave it praise this early, I regret nothing. Oh, this review is spoiler-free.

Loki season 2 picks up right after the big cliffhanger from the first season finale. Loki will do what he can to save the TVA from its impending doom while also unveiling more secrets with the help of Mobius, Hunter B-15, Sylvie, and some new characters. On this journey, Loki will learn what it means to possess free will and his glorious purpose.

The way this story has been written is perfect. From the first episode to the finale, I was left satisfied each week saying “Damn, this show is too good.” This series isn’t action-heavy at all, it’s very story-driven and with amazing dialogue, so it was a good change of pace. Also, the fact there was no random big battle in the end was a breath of fresh air because the formula was getting too stale.

I felt like the character writing for everyone was done so well too. Mobius, Sylvie, Hunter B-15, OB, and so many more just had some great writing for them. And speaking of character writing, Loki is by far the best-written character in the MCU. As someone who never cared about the character until his own series should tell you a lot. From where he first appeared in Thor (2011) to all the way in Loki season 2, is honestly insane. You know I almost teared up too during the finale, TWICE?! Just amazing all around.

The cast this season killed it. Owen Wilson as Mobius, especially in the finale, chef’s kiss. Ke Huy Quan as the new character OB, loved him, I’ll fight for OB. Sophia Di Martino is obviously still amazing as Sylvie. Tom Hiddleston just goes above and beyond as Loki, and I’m happy he still plays this character as long as he does. It’s a very long list of cast praise, I’ll tell you that.

This series is probably the best produced show too from Marvel Studios. A lot of the VFX in the series was really good. Also, the practical set and being in actual places worked wonders, and I feel like Marvel Studios is at its strongest going practical than a whole CGI spluge fest. The score was beautifully well done, and it hit hard during the final moments in the series. Oh, and the camera work, fantastic stuff for sure.

Everything about Loki season 2 should be the standard for the MCU. It has a perfect blend of comedic and emotional moments, from how it is produced, written, and so much more. I’m not saying for Marvel Studios to make everything feel like Loki, but it feels like the classic formula that works while also bringing in the new. To me, this show is one of the best written comic series, and by far the best MCU project that’s been made.

I highly recommend watching Marvel Studios’ Loki season 2.



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