Taika Waititi Will Not Direct Another ‘Thor’ Film

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This is news that I know would make people really happy or disappointed. Taika Waititi, director of Thor: Love and Thunder & Thor: Ragnarok, may not come back to direct another Thor film (if there’s one coming out in the future). Taika recently came out about it in a recent interview when he was asked.

From Business Insider, here’s what Taika said:

I wouldn’t know if that’s accurate, I know that I won’t be involved… I’m going to concentrate on these other films that I’ve signed on for.

Taika Waititi has been involved with Thor since Ragnarok dropped back in 2017, even when he would make appearances in other films. I thought Taika’s ideas regarding Thor were really good and a breath of fresh air, and even I enjoyed Thor: Love and Thunder. Not having him do another Thor film is definitely going to be interesting.

I will say this, maybe this can give Thor some new life if there is another film. Honestly, I wouldn’t even mind if Kenneth Branagh returns to direct one last final Thor film to make it a full-circle moment. Regardless, I just hope whoever directs another Thor film, if there is one, knocks it out of the park.



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