Robert Kirkman Confirms Steven Yeun Is Sentry In ‘Thunderbolts’

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Well, Robert Kirkman and Steven Yeun have been making the news all day, and not for Invincible. During an appearance on David Finch’s YouTube channel, Kirkman let it slip that Steven Yeun will be playing Sentry in Marvel Studios’ Thunderbolts. And to be honest, I’m not surprised.

Here’s a clip:

With things previously leaking from Thunderbolts, Steven Yeun playing Sentry was pretty much a given. I think he is going to be great for the role for sure, he’s incredibly talented in a lot of the works he’s been in from Nope, The Walking Dead, etc. I’m curious what his take on the character will be, and actually, this is kinda like him playing a live-action Viltrumite. Overall, I can’t wait.

Here’s a quick summary of Sentry:

Empowered by the enigmatic Professor’s secret formula, high school student Robert Reynolds becomes a superhuman. After trouncing the school bully who had tormented him, Reynolds sews together a costume and makes his debut as the heroic Sentry. But his darker aspect lurks around every corner.



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