MCU ‘Blade’ Was Going To Be A TV Series!

Before Blade was going to be an MCU film, it was going to be a TV series until Mahershala Ali got hired for the job. When talking on the the Tight Rope podcast, here's what Ali said: So, in doing [Luke Cage], the day it premiered I turned to my agent and I said, ‘What are … Continue reading MCU ‘Blade’ Was Going To Be A TV Series!

Strikeforce #1: Badasses Assemble! (Spoilers)

Strikeforce #1 starts off with the Avengers apprehending the culprits that took vials that contained dangerous diseases from a facility. The culprits were; Spider-Woman, The Winter Soldier, Spectrum, Angela, and Wiccan. Spectrum and the rest don't know how they ended up at the facility, to begin with, or what's going on, but someone might, Blade. … Continue reading Strikeforce #1: Badasses Assemble! (Spoilers)