‘Harley Quinn’ Review

I finally finished Harley Quinn, and it was a really good show! Harley Quinn is an action-packed, funny, and well-animated show. The show is about the adventures of Harley Quinn trying to join the Legion of Doom after she breaks up with the Clown Prince of Crime, the Joker. Also, Harley gets help from her friends, … Continue reading ‘Harley Quinn’ Review

New Images from Marvel’s “What If” Series

New images of the Marvel's What If has surfaced online: T'Challa as Star Lord. Bucky Captain America as a zombiePeggy Carter as Captain America riding an Iron Man like suit which is piloted by Steve Rogers Save Rogers blinded by a light Peggy Carter after the use of the super soldier serum I can't wait … Continue reading New Images from Marvel’s “What If” Series