Teaser Trailer For Amazon Series ‘Invincible’!

The upcoming comic book animated series from Amazon, Invincible, has dropped an amazing teaser trailer! Here's the teaser trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuMiq7eg91M The animated show is based on the comic book series Invincible, published by Image Comics. Robert Kirkman, who wrote Invincible, will be heavily involved with the series like The Walking Dead. II've always been a … Continue reading Teaser Trailer For Amazon Series ‘Invincible’!

Image Comics Teases Crossover Event

One of my favorite publishers, Image Comics (will do review their comics soon, currently backed up), has teased a comic crossover! Here's the post on their twitter account: https://twitter.com/ImageComics/status/1280896900779081730?s=20 When I saw this, a lot of things came to mind. Is this a tease that it'll do a crossover with another company like DC or … Continue reading Image Comics Teases Crossover Event

‘The Maxx’ Movie On The Way!

According to THR, The Maxx movie is going to happen! The film will be produced by Channing Tatum and Roy Lee. For those of you who don't know, The Maxx was created by Sam Kieth and was published by Image Comics in 1993 (IDW currently has the rights to publish The Maxx). I first got … Continue reading ‘The Maxx’ Movie On The Way!