‘Morbius’ Gets A New Release Date

Morbius, which was supposed to be released on July 31st, will now be released on March 19, 2021! This was not a surprise at all, especially with the pandemic currently happening. What is incredibly weird to me is why push back the film to 2021? You would think that Sony would release it in August … Continue reading ‘Morbius’ Gets A New Release Date

‘Morbius’ Rehoot Reveals More Spider-Man References!

On the set of Morbius, fans took photos of an MTA bus that says, "Where is Spider-Man?". Here's the tweet : https://twitter.com/MorbiusUpdates/status/1226394642049953799?s=20 Recap: Mysterio tricked the public that Spider-Man killed him, and now he's on the run. Morbius (and possibly Venom) is going to be an important film because it's setting up the plot for the … Continue reading ‘Morbius’ Rehoot Reveals More Spider-Man References!

‘Morbius’ Trailer is Finally Here and References The MCU!

Well everyone, the Morbius trailer is finally here, and it was good. I was surprised because after watching Venom I thought this movie was just going to be just as bad, but I was wrong! The Morbius trailer even references the MCU! In the trailer you see Michael Morbius walking in a alley and he … Continue reading ‘Morbius’ Trailer is Finally Here and References The MCU!

Badass First Look At Jared Leto As Morbius!

We got our first look at Jared Leto as Morbius and it looks pretty good (surprisingly). Here's the photo: I'm still not excited about the film, but I'll keep an open mind. The trailer is supposedly coming out on January 13, so I hope it's good. Also, Jared Leto will play Morbius better than he … Continue reading Badass First Look At Jared Leto As Morbius!