Spider-Man #1 -The Rise of Cadaverous (SPOILERS)

Spider-Man #1 starts with everything wrecked on the Brooklyn Bridge and Peter emerge from the debris. Mary goes to Peter, picks him up, and tells him that they need to go because the rules are different now (they have a kid). MJ and Peter got interrupted by Cadaverous, who is a new villain, and sent … Continue reading Spider-Man #1 -The Rise of Cadaverous (SPOILERS)

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #10 (Spoilers)

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #10 was fantastic. Miles Morales wakes up and writes in his journal, and talks about how he doesn't have dreams of being kidnapped by the Assessor anymore. What Miles has been dreaming about lately is his past life in the Ultimate universe. Also, it's Miles' birthday, and I enjoyed the running gag in … Continue reading Miles Morales: Spider-Man #10 (Spoilers)

Top 5 Underrated Marvel Comics You Should Be Reading

There are a lot of stories currently going on in Marvel, and I feel like there are some stories that are not getting the love and attention it deserves. I've decided to make a list of my top 5 current comics that I highly recommend and I feel like don't get enough praise. I will … Continue reading Top 5 Underrated Marvel Comics You Should Be Reading

Venom Island!

On August 30th Venom Island was announced and will be released in December. The story will be written by; Donny Cates and the artist is Mark Bagley. I'm curious about where the story will go. Also, would the story involve Eddie Brock since this takes place after the events of Absolute Carnage? I will discuss Venom Island when more details are … Continue reading Venom Island!