Marvel Announces ‘Wolverine: Black, White, & Blood’!

Marvel announced a new Wolverine comic series called Wolverine: Black, White, & Blood! The series will be three issues long, and will be about untold stories about Wolverine. The series will be released in November. From Marvel, here is what it says about Wolverine: Black, White, & Blood! The mysterious mutant has gone by many … Continue reading Marvel Announces ‘Wolverine: Black, White, & Blood’!

Shonen Jump x Marvel

It's going to be a fun time if you’re a Marvel and manga fan. Shonen Jump and Marvel Comics are collaborating to release new projects this year! The stories will be added on Shonen Jump Plus, but it seems it won't be translated in the meantime. Can't wait to see where this will go in … Continue reading Shonen Jump x Marvel

New Images from Marvel’s “What If” Series

New images of the Marvel's What If has surfaced online: T'Challa as Star Lord. Bucky Captain America as a zombiePeggy Carter as Captain America riding an Iron Man like suit which is piloted by Steve Rogers Save Rogers blinded by a light Peggy Carter after the use of the super soldier serum I can't wait … Continue reading New Images from Marvel’s “What If” Series

Top 5 Characters I Want to See in The MCU!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe isn't going to slow down any time soon, hell, it might even outlive us. Since the next couple of years is planned out, it makes me wonder what characters they'll add. We could see someone like the Sleepwalker, Hyperion, maybe even Squirrel Girl. Here are my top 5 characters I would … Continue reading Top 5 Characters I Want to See in The MCU!