Suprisngly Good Trailer For ‘Uncharted’ Movie!

If you enjoyed the post, follow here: Well, the trailer for Sony's live-action Uncharted film has dropped, and I actually don't hate it. Here's the trailer for the film: Let's be honest, it could've been worse, plus it looks visually great. Also, interesting idea to basically have a mix of all four games to … Continue reading Suprisngly Good Trailer For ‘Uncharted’ Movie!

Brand New Image For ‘Uncharted’ Film!

We got a brand new image for the upcoming Sony film, Uncharted! Here's the image: Mark Wahlberg as Sully and Tom Holland as Nathan Drake Not much I can say about the image to be honest. One thing that stands out to me is that Mark Wahlberg just looks like....Mark Wahlberg and nothing like Sully. … Continue reading Brand New Image For ‘Uncharted’ Film!

‘Uncharted’ Film Delayed

The delays just keep on continuing! Sony's Uncharted, the film starring Tom Holland as Nathan Drake, has gotten delayed again. Here's what Deadline said: And Sony’s Tom Holland-Mark Wahlberg feature Uncharted, based on the PlayStation videogame, will open on Feb. 11, 2022, instead of July 16. The pic is directed by Ruben Fleischer. Universal and 20th Century Studios … Continue reading ‘Uncharted’ Film Delayed

Tom Holland Reveals The First Look of Nathan Drake For ‘Uncharted’ Film!

We finally got our first look at what Tom Holland will look like as Nathan Drake in Uncharted ! Here's the post from Tom Holland's twitter: Holland looks great in that photo. I'm a big fan of the Uncharted series on Playstation, and I have mixed feelings about it, but seeing this pic gives me some … Continue reading Tom Holland Reveals The First Look of Nathan Drake For ‘Uncharted’ Film!

‘Uncharted’ Lost ANOTHER Director

Another one has bite the dust. The Uncharted director, Travis Knight, has left the film. According to Deadline : Tom Holland’s Spider-Man schedule is crunching Uncharted’s timeline and sources said that will cost the picture Travis Knight, the Laika animation wiz who made his live action directing debut on the Transformers spinoff Bumblebee. It looks like the movie will get pushed, … Continue reading ‘Uncharted’ Lost ANOTHER Director