New Big Venom Event Coming December!

The dynamic duo, Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman, are creating another big Venom event dropping this December called King in Black! Here's the announcement trailer: I love Absolute Carnage, so I know this will not disappoint. The way Cates has been setting up Knull in Silver Surfer: Black, Venom, etc, Knull could be the … Continue reading New Big Venom Event Coming December!

Meet Venom’s New Enemy, Virus!

During Marvel's panel at C2E2, the Venom creative team revealed the name of Venom's new foe created by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman, Virus! Check him out: Virus will debut in a free comic book day issue, which will be released on May 2! Virus will be apart of the new Venom arc called Venom Beyond, starting with issue #26. Virus … Continue reading Meet Venom’s New Enemy, Virus!

More ‘Venom 2’ Set Footage Released!

We got some new interesting set footage for the upcoming Venom sequel! Check it out: It seems that the person in the mocap is Carnage and is causing havoc, and Eddie yelling no because of the mayhem that's happening. The more set footage I see for this film, the more excited I become. … Continue reading More ‘Venom 2’ Set Footage Released!

First Look At Cletus Kasady On The Set of Venom 2

Tom Hardy posted a picture on Instagram (which got taken down) of Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kasady! Here's the photo: That's not all. Check out this video of Cletus Kasady on the set of Venom 2: Judging from the clip, Cletus already has the symbiote, and it's protecting him from the gunfire. Curious to … Continue reading First Look At Cletus Kasady On The Set of Venom 2

My Top 3 Marvel Comics of The Week #8

New Mutants #5 New Mutants #5 was great. The team finally arrived at the Shi'ar galaxy, but things don't go according to plan. Magik was my favorite in this issue and made me laugh when she asked people if they wanted to make out. Five issues in and still loving the series so far. Also, the … Continue reading My Top 3 Marvel Comics of The Week #8

Absolute Carnage #5 -F**K The World (Spoiler Review)

Finally got around to read Absolute Carnage #5, and man that was good! The final battle between Carnage and Venom was badass! When Eddie absorbed Cletus' symbiote and see Knull awake got me super excited for what's to come. The only thing that is killing me inside is that I still don't know who or … Continue reading Absolute Carnage #5 -F**K The World (Spoiler Review)

My Top 3 Marvel Comics of The Week #2

Venom #19 Venom #19 by Donny Cates was such an interesting read. What made the issue interesting was Dylan. I want to know what is the truth behind Dylan, and I feel like we are getting closer to an answer. It was a good tie-in for Absolute Carnage! Black Panther #17 Black Panther #19 by Ta-Nehisi Coates was … Continue reading My Top 3 Marvel Comics of The Week #2

Absolute Carnage #3 – You Know My Name (Spoilers)

This series just keeps getting crazier and crazier. Absolute Carnage #3 was such a fun issue! Eddie couldn't save Miles, Norman, and barely Mac who is now paralyzed from the waist down. Eddie was able to get back to the hideout and was surprised to see Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain America, Thing, and Bruce Banner. Everything … Continue reading Absolute Carnage #3 – You Know My Name (Spoilers)

Venom #18 – Who’s The Target?! (Spoilers)

Venom #18 starts with Sleeper telling Dylan that he is one of the spawns of Venom and how he's been gone for a long time to look for answers. While roaming the galaxy he landed on a planet which is the home of the Symbiotes, and the Symbiotes were trying to capture him so they … Continue reading Venom #18 – Who’s The Target?! (Spoilers)