Strikeforce #1: Badasses Assemble! (Spoilers)

Strikeforce #1 starts off with the Avengers apprehending the culprits that took vials that contained dangerous diseases from a facility. The culprits were; Spider-Woman, The Winter Soldier, Spectrum, Angela, and Wiccan. Spectrum and the rest don't know how they ended up at the facility, to begin with, or what's going on, but someone might, Blade. … Continue reading Strikeforce #1: Badasses Assemble! (Spoilers)

The Road to Phase: Marvel Posters from D23!

Here are the posters for Marvel's Disney+ shows at D23: In the WandaVision poster, it gives the concept of what the show will look like. The poster gives a weird and mysterious vibe to it. And if you look in the background, you can see both character's shadows in the background. What's also interesting, when … Continue reading The Road to Phase: Marvel Posters from D23!