‘Fortnite’ Next-Gen Details & Ghost Rider First Look!

Marvel's Johny Blaze aka Ghost Rider has officially been revealed! Here's how you can get the Ghost Rider skin early: https://twitter.com/FortniteGame/status/1323310924787294208?s=20 Fortnite's Ghost Rider skin looks great! I'm going to try my luck and acquire the skin, only because I don't want to pay...which will most likely happen. Also, I wonder if whatever vehicle you … Continue reading ‘Fortnite’ Next-Gen Details & Ghost Rider First Look!

‘Halo Infinite’ Loses Another Director

It seems like the news for Halo Infinite is never a positive one. Chris Lee, director over at 343 industries, will no longer be working on the game. Lee is the second director to be leaving Halo Infinite. From Bloomberg, here's what Chris Lee said: I have stepped back from Infinite and I am looking … Continue reading ‘Halo Infinite’ Loses Another Director